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Essay on the topic “are in luck – be happy”

This Essay was written in December of 2014 from one of my students. To me, the essay has well-liked.

“Luck be – happy”

An Essay on the topic of “happiness”

A grey, cold and rainy Monday morning. A man in a suit gets into his Benz – tears in the eyes and drives to work. On the street corner opposite, a man with wet eyes, climbs on his bike and disappears tedious, stepping out in traffic. That money alone makes you happy, is well-known everywhere, but who would deny that it is in an a-class cry and weep more easily than on a Bicycle? How will we be happy? Or rather: What is this “happiness”?

Some seek their happiness in the sense of the work they perform. Many look help me do my assignment for happiness in money, or in the “fast money” and others are convinced that it is only in love. There are people who say to someone after a serious accident: “Because you’ve been lucky!”, and refer to it as a “blessing in disguise”. But it would not have been lucky to build in the first place is no accident? What can be described as happiness?

From this question, Ludwig Marcuse knows how to sing a song. In all languages happiness means the Same thing and yet something else. Some of the understand in tranquility to be alone satisfied. Another screams in silence fiercely to help, since he interpreted it as loneliness. Luck you can get short to the point. This is a long story, which we summarize in the situation. Nevertheless, one can see the happiness in the Smile of a man, listen to his words and feel his touch. And yet It is fleeting as smoke!

Of course, the literature employs: “eternity in the moment” is the name of it in Max Frisch’s “Homo faber”. That is, Yes, If the time is eliminated and you no longer think of the past, nor the future and only in the Here and Now is alive, then one is happy. But you will recognize it as happiness when the Moment is over: “good luck to paint with dots, misfortune with strokes. And that it was luck, you see only from a distance.“ – Peter trunk in “Agnes”.

Because happiness is difficult to describe, try some people find it in the game. In a year will be made by gambling a turnover of 27.4 billion Euro in Germany alone! This is a incredibly large sum, and we let again on the tongue: twenty-seven billion and four hundred million euros! This raises the question: Believe so many people that you can be happy? The sad realization – YES! Many people come to a game looking and would give your own grandmother to turn once again the wheel of fortune, with the hope to win the big good luck. This hope is exploited by the casino operators, of course, shamelessly. You can grab the opportunity by the forelock and make your Profit.

The opponents are aware that you can’t buy luck as a ready-wrapped gift. There can be no happiness if the Promised results to your profit. Rather, exactly the opposite is the case! The basis for happiness is to have no reason to be happy and build it, taking into account what really matters, step by step. Not for nothing it is said: “Everyone is the blacksmith of his own happiness.” The slogan “Everyone is his own fortune’s buyers” – well, there just is not!

However, happiness is not just about being constantly happy. To take the example of the roller coaster. First of all, it goes steeply upwards, further and further, up to the clouds , and it follows a seemingly permanently horizontal distance. It is high up, may be briefly intrigued, but in the long run to admit that to Die is boring. However, on a short rise in a curve to the left, then a right shortly after the top, and then in a screw down, to add to the whole some loops and different speeds, maybe even a pinch of free fall, so you have a good recipe for a roller coaster, and THE RECIPE for happiness!

Even philosophers don’t understand happiness as a continuous series of beautiful experiences. It is a balance of positive and negative impressions of life. Important: the alternating of reps! On something Good, something Bad must follow, and so the voltage, which keeps us alive, to sustain. If the voltage does not hold by itself upright, you have to wind it again. Some people can be forced to your luck. The only way you can be in front of what is still to come, not scare them, and can learn in life is luck.

From personal experience we can say that the humdrum happiness is doomed to Failure. If you can’t, for example, a fight with his girlfriend, this negative side. Everyone knows, however, that a good relationship of noise to learn the positive things you really appreciate. Thus, to prevent that something Huge is looming quietly. Not for nothing that one speaks of “the calm before the storm”.

Science sees this thing with the happiness a little differently. Happiness hormones – dopamine and Serotonin. At least these are hormones that make us feel something, what we refer to as happiness. Thus, the phenomenon can be explained that athletes are due to exhaustion happy, and by the physical crash in front of happiness is the only way to float. Also, Laughing helps, and also makes it even healthier. Some hospitals, a so-called salmon-therapist – only a small step to the prescription recipe for a visit to the Circus. However, it works! By eating chocolate we feel is also more comfortable. But Attention! This should end up in a “Feeding frenzy”, the bad Conscience to perform immediately on the way to his work.

Although the phrase “does not sound happy to eat” once, after a bad idea, try a lot of luck to find on their own. To do this, you are turning over every stone and leave no blade of Grass next to the other. It will leave a field of battle, but the happiness is hidden is determined from behind the next tree. People, the race is so desperately after happiness, will never find it. They are much too busy to find it, to recognize that it is sometimes right in front of you. But who does not seek after that, and life takes on as it is, it flies by itself. Sometimes we have to trust that miracles happen. Because “If God created the world, was his main, concern is certainly not to make it so that we understand you.” (Albert Einstein). The pursuit of happiness is surely as old as humanity itself. Also, Oedipus wanted to also search in the world, and his happiness. The end of the song: He has married his mother, a child begotten and his father slain – for my taste, he has not found his happiness.

In the U.S. television series “The Simpsons” there is a diagram that illustrates the relationship between decreasing intelligence and increasing happiness. To explain simply, as the “dumb” people worry about whether they are happy, and you the Bad, not in the lives of so many.

The Paradox Of Happiness! So close and yet so far! What is the meaning of happiness for someone who is in the eye of the beholder. You can (probably!) don’t buy and it needs to build themselves – without having to search for but then! We see it as a magnificent butterfly: If you want to know the luck of it to come. It will fly again, but possibly (no:!) come back.

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